logo_mOur company is the exclusive export partner of GP Kft. in Hungary. Unlike our manufacturing competitors, we can focus our efforts solely on completing your orders of unique sweeteners because of the excellent cooperation with our partner. This comprehensive order fulfillment includes administration, shipping, and design as well as personal attention in our customer service both in English and German, and extreme flexibility during the whole procedure.

250px_druckmaschine_pBy today GP Kft. has become the leading manufacturer of unique sugar sachets in Central-Eastern Europe, due to its hard work in the past decade, perfect quality and exceptionally great prices. Because of its unprecedented, modern manufacturing technology and the economical and professional Hungarian workforce, our company makes perfect products from excellent raw material. Thousands of our customers, most of who are returning and frequent clients, order millions of packages of sweeteners each year.

sugarzachetsThe raw material for our sugars, the refined or unrefined white and brown sugar is purchased from the Hungarian partner of the Austrian market leading sugar manufacturer. According to the attached certificate, they guarantee that the sugar you ordered has the highest quality, and it meets the strictest EU and international food requirements. We also distribute the following products: packed sweeteners, cane sugar, birch sugar, xylitol, biscuits, chocolates, cantuccino and honey.

250px_abpackmaschine_pOne of the strengths of our products is the excellent packaging material which is the masterpiece of the leading manufacturer Italian company. This paper, which is extremely durable, nice to touch and beautiful, at the same time suitable for practical perforations, has become part of the history of paper manufacturing, and is a great success among packaging companies and their clients.

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